Friday Night Dinner Ride to Scotty P's in Allen

Event date: 
Fri, 07/30/2021 - 7:00pm

Follow the Road Captains as they take us on a nice ride before we stop and eat at Scotty P's.  Line up by 6:30pm at Black Gold Harley-Davidson, join the safety brief at 6:45 then KSU at 7:00pm.  If you don't ride but want to eat with us - come on! - but you may want to wait until 7:45pm to be sure you get a seat with us.  Scotty P's, 109 Central Expressway, #501, Allen, TX 75013.

Scotty P's manifesto says it all!  

We are FOODIES who love to SERVE others.
We are FRESH but not in the talk-back-to-your-mom kinda way.
We think SAVORY should describe every bite of our food.
To be on this team – you have to have a passion for food and service.


We don’t have customers — we have GUESTS.
We treat our guests with RESPECT.
We don’t wear name tags, but you’ll know our NAMES and we want to know yours.
We think we should know your order when you walk in our door, and that our smiles are the most important part of our uniform.
We believe our guests should get MORE than what they pay for, without having to ask.


Our facilities are so clean you could eat off our floor.
We believe being #1 isn’t bragging …it’s what our guests deserve.


We think we should CELEBRATE every victory and learn from every loss.
We think WORK should be FUN, especially when we are in the WEEDS.


We believe that ‘no’ is a 4-letter word.
We can FIX any mistake with a smile and positive attitude.
We will serve the best FOOD in town, but just as important — we will SERVE our town.


We BELIEVE our purpose is more than just being here to sell you a better meal than the guy down the street.
WE ARE HERE to make our communities BETTER places to LIVE.

Event location:
109 Central Expressway
Allen TX 75013

Closed Event: Chapter activities are conducted primarily for the benefit of H.O.G. Chapter members. Closed Events are those events open to Chapter members and one guest per member.  All guests must sign an event release. Be aware, all rides and events are subject to change or cancellation due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.